Company profile

Center Ankara, in Turkey Synlas, focusing on the domestic market in the medical world trade is recognized as an international player. Our company consists of various departments such as cardiology, neurology, orthopedic, surgery, dental, wound care and sports care. We are partners- / distributorship of international market-leading medical manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. With this experience in medicine, we can offer the best quality products in line with the best service our customers seek. Our group of companies is composed of various locations in Germany and Turkey. Our products go to hospitals, medical wholesalers, healthcare professionals and patients.


Our advantages

As a result, our customers enjoy the following unique benefits:

  • Long-term business relationships: strong relationships built on trust
  • Innovative products: constantly renewed product groups in line with industry trends and innovations
  • Expertise: all our products and market knowledge
  • Support: high level of after-sales support

Our Mission

Imagine a world where every person can access the best and affordable health services. This is our commitment.

Our vision

Synlas delivers medical devices to hospitals, medical wholesalers, healthcare professionals and patients in nearly 50 countries. Regardless of their race, religion or political affiliation.